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Measuring and control technologies
For decades now, Binder has been supplying leading plant manufacturers with innovative systems for industrial gas flow measurement. Moreover Binder supplies very efficient control valves for aeration air in sewage treatment plants and smart control systems for air supply and air Distribution into the different tanks.
Additionally to the Long-term proven flow meter Binder developed portable and stationary  analyzer for methaneous gases (Biogas from agricultural anaerobic digestion plants, solid waste treatment /  composting plants, digester gas from sewage treatment plants and gases from landfills). The main advantages of these analyzer are long-term stability of readings and maintenance diagnosis systems.
BETA and INSTRUM belonging to the BinderGroup manufacture different types of pressure and temperature switches as well as pressure regulators for industrial applications. Binder is also in various countries the exclusive Distributor of FAIRCHILD and CASHCO-products.

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