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  • VACOMASS® jet control valve Unique control valve

VACOMASS® Jet Control Valve Unique Control Valve

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28 / 07 / 2023
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Perusahaan Ini Telah Berdiri Sejak Tahun 2010 dan Telah Ikut Berkiprah Dalam Kancah Kelistrikan di Indonesia. Kami Menyediakan Barang dan Jasa, Sebagai Sebuah Perusahaan Yang Bergerak di Bidang Supplier dan Contractor Electrical Kami Selalu Mengutamakan Kepuasan Costumer Jangan Ragu Untuk Menghubungi Kami

Detail VACOMASS® Jet Control Valve Unique Control Valve

  • A central control axis with actuator for sensitive control of air supply with 360° free-flow annular orifice – allows the installation of the air flow meter ½ D directly in front of the control valve
  • Stroke adjustment takes place in the direction of flow: this means the flow remains attached to the wall, thereby facilitating rapid and effective pressure recovery with extremely low pressure loss – saves energy costs
  • In most cases the valve can be fitted directly in the pipe without pipe reduction/expansion – saves installation costs
  • The flow in the Venturi outlet is homogeneous, so that the first drop leg to a diffuser grid can be located directly behind the valve – improves the process
  • The required (measurement and) control section is comparatively short – the ideal prerequisite for retrofitting in existing installations
  • The control element has a very low coefficient of drag and therefore requires only low drive torque; low friction operation allows for compact actuator sizes – reduced investment and operating costs
  • Corrosion-proof high grade stainless steel control valve designed for ambient and gas temperatures from -40 °C to +150 °C, lubricant-free in exposed areas – reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Gas-tight closure, making it suitable for swing zone operation and process optimization, making an additional automated shut-off valve and its associated costs unnecessary
  • A virtually linear operating characteristic and control precision of better than 0.2%, constant control accuracy and virtually constant low coefficient of drag over the entire control range – these are optimum prerequisites for precise and stable control in conjunction with an ideal gain factor of around 1
  • Comes with the VACOMASS® actuator, direct flange mounting with low drive torque – the innovative control valve is designed to operate with very low actuating forces; in addition to AUMA and ROTORK other makes are possible provided they meet the technical specifications


The VACOMASS® jet control valve is an innovative, flow-optimized stainless steel control valve. In terms of control range and product quality, this development represents a milestone in the evolution of air control valves and fittings. It is unique and with worldwide patent applications.

It closes gas-tight and offers a linear operating characteristic over virtually the entire operating range. The valve has been developed and optimized specifically for high precision air control and distribution with minimal pressure loss, resulting in comparatively low operating costs. It fulfills all requirements defines in the Advisory Leaflet DWA-M 229-1 (September 2017) and the new “Handbook of Energy North Rhine-Westphalia” (January 2018).

Various configurations of the control system are possible depending on local conditions and the existing geometry of the piping system. When using diaphragm control valves or butterfly valves, the pipe cross section is typically reduced at the start of the measurement and control section and expanded again at the end in order to achieve the required control effect. These control elements generally exhibit a limited range of linear operation in the upper and lower stroke range. In control applications, this inevitably leads to unfavourable operation of the valve at low stroke and thus to high pressure losses and reduced control quality.

In most cases, the VACOMASS® jet control valve can be installed directly in the pipe without the need to reduce/expand the diameter. Thanks to the linear operating characteristic over virtually the entire operating range, fluctuating air requirements, dimensioning errors or later changes scarcely have an impact on the performance of the valve.

The air flow meter can be positioned only 0.5*D in front of the control valve

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